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We’re delighted to introduce the new monthly weekly gay Blog-Diary of Circa-Club’s ( the online club for gay professional men) high-flying yet low-lying membership secretary, Spencer – his life and loves, work and play, dreams and fears. It’s taken us months to persuade Spencer – to expose his business and social networking skills, celebrity lifestyle and mental inner cards. So, if you haven’t bumped into him at one of our Circa-Club events yet, do introduce yourself, next time – you might even get a mention! Though strangely hard to describe, he’s instantly recognizable

August 3, 2010

Blog 158 - July

Filed under: Spencer — blog @ 11:19 am

Gay Drinks PartyAnother Mon morn mews meet and – whilst all hands pitch in to man Circa-stations for Pride London, start-month – Karl ‘n Kev then get sent by Birman-flanked boss to the likes of Thanet and Huddersfield (mercifully surprisingly sexy boys, Karl reports back); whilst I get spoilt, with unspoilt Polish beauties, during EuroPride in Warsaw, mid-month. Apart from savouring sights that feel like the prelude to some porn shoot hanging around almost every street corner, I also pop into Poland’s National Museum, currently mounting an exhibition (10 June - 5 Sept) of gay erotica - doubtless provocatively titled Ars Homo Erotica - featuring more than 200 works, dating from antiquity through to the present day, including Greek vases with naked frolicking youths; male nudes by old masters; and contemporary LGBT art. It claims to be the most comprehensive such exhibition ever presented by a national museum, as well as being the first show of queer art in Central/Eastern Europe. Return to Blighty, frankly so horned up, I could explode!

So much for the proverbial lesbian mum! Wear Circa (and personal) hat to attend charity event supporting gay dads. Take Toby along. Bump into ex-loverboy Paul with his little Lucas - not to mention Kev ‘n Em with their not-so-little Sven. Hear several guys recommend a new website via which gay fathers can share experiences and advice: www.gaydads.co.uk

Fun informal Circa meet at our senior police member’s Blackheath mansion – Charlie, Boy ‘n Inge keeping a perhaps unsurprisingly low profile for the duration, though they are still glimpsed heading off mid-eve, punters in tow. Josh ‘n Karl just back from stay at “magical” gay riad-cum-b&b in Marrakech, owned by one of our gay reverend friends. Seem almost shocked when I suggest they must have been surrounded by handsome Moroccan boys - all keen to please in return for any loose change! Bet their holy host there, at least, has his fair share, I crudely tease! Of course, one would have to watch out! Morocco may have just recently got its first queer mag, but Mithly – meaning “gay” in Arabic - is being published by LGBT rights group Kif Kif working out of Madrid, since gay sex is illegal in Morocco, on pain of up to three years’ jail!

Busy Switchboard stint. Saddened that, even in 2010, many gay people feel so bad about being “out” - and what friends, family and work might say - they lay themselves open to blackmail. Always refer such callers to the police, though often read of unfortunate incidents. Only recently, a 28-year old man - who had had a relationship with a Brum-based Catholic priest - was jailed for 18 months after threatening to out his man-of-cloth for trying to end the affair, also demanding the queer cleric kindly cough up £5k. And two gay men who went to a beauty-cum-cruising spot in the Cotswolds last year were “arrested”, kidnapped and blackmailed by a since-jailed gang – all dressed as cops!

Use monthly Circa-branded Capital Queer column to ask why the Pope’s imminent UK visit is taxpayer-funded – given his “intolerant” views on homosexuality, abortion, contraception and women; and amidst ongoing allegations that he personally helped cover up abuse of children by his own Catholic priests. The Vatican has confirmed that Big Papa will still pop over this September - despite the recent leak of a Foreign Office document, penned by a “junior member of staff”, which wryly suggested that the Pontiff be invited to bless a gay marriage, open a hospital abortion ward and be presented with his own “Benedict” brand of condoms during his trip!

Amused by plethora of animal-related gay stories, pawing papers over coffee one morn - aptly enough with purry fluff-balls Mous ‘n Cous on-lap. A pair of gay male swans have apparently set-up nest in Weymouth, engaging in mating and breeding behaviour just like a straight swan couple, as well as having frequent fights - but always making up and getting it back together! A 57-year old blind man was seemingly told to leave a Thai restaurant in Australia - after a bigoted staff member, with minimal grasp of English, misunderstood him saying his “guide dog” Nudge was a “gay dog”! And scientists have now discovered a safe way to save millions of pounds worth of crops each year by spraying insects, not with toxic pesticides, but with harmless, naturally-produced female pheromones - usually used by lady moths to attract their male friends – ensuring randy boy bugs are now too busy humping each other to produce a nice swarm!

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