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Russell Grant the Worlds most loved astrologer presents your
Daily, Weekly and Monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Mar 21 - Apr 20

Element: Fire
Birthstone: Bloodstone
Colour: Red

Birthdays of Famous Gay Men:
Stephen Sondheim (22 March)
Elton John (25 March)
Tenessee Williams (26 March)
Dirk Bogard (28 March)
Graham Norton (4 April)
Sir John Gielguid (14 April)

Daily Horoscope: You attract admirers like a flower draws bees. People find your pioneer spirit to be completely irresistible. Although this attention is flattering, you're not interested in making a serious commitment right now. Instead, you'd rather play the field. Going on a series of dates with different people will give you a clear idea of what you want from a committed partner. Are you already in a relationship? Let your amour pamper you. Be sure to show appreciation for their love, care and attention.

Weekly Horoscope: You're a virtual love magnet. If you are single, you'll have your choice of admirers. Pick the one who makes you laugh. Are you already in a relationship? This is a great time to plan a vacation with your amour. Visiting a destination with a dash of glamour is strongly advised. If you have to take time off work, notify your employer as soon as possible. Your boss will try to make you feel guilty about going away. Ignore their complaints and keep smiling.

Monthly Horoscope: Your services are required on the home front at the beginning of July. It may be necessary to take time off work to handle domestic responsibilities. Your employer won't be happy with the situation, but you have no other option. Neighbours are ready to lend a helping hand. Don't fail to accept their offers of help. On the 9th, the Full Moon will come to your professional rescue. You'll be able to leave a restricting work situation for a far better one. Don't let erratic behaviour hurt your reputation in the middle of the month. If you feel restless, find a healthy channel for your nervous energy. Brisk exercise and creative projects can relieve tension. The New Moon on the 23rd is perfect for fulfilling romantic desires. If you're single, you will meet someone special at a sporting event or contest. Are you already in a relationship? Arrange a fun outing that's tailored to your amour's taste.

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