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CIRCA-CLUB connects members with 10,000’s of gay professional men around the world – at home, in the office, on their travels!! Link up with new friends, increase your business contacts or find the perfect partner and much, much more!!

Keep up to date make the Daily Circa your home page; World, Uk, Gay and Circa news, horoscopes, cartoon, quotes of the day, this day in history and much more, 

 Leonard P. Matlovich - When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.

 Andrew G. Dehel - When it comes to exploring the sea of love, I prefer buoys.  

 Tennessee Williams - What is straight?  A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it's curved like a road through mountains.

 Truman Capote - Friendship is a pretty full-time occupation if you really are friendly with somebody. You can't have too many friends because then you're just not really friend.…more…

GAY ICONS: Keith Vaughan

Alexander McqueenHis short story 'Miriam' was published in the magazine Mademoiselle in June 1945 and was given the O Henry Memorial Award in 1946. Also in 1945 he had' A Tree of Night' published in Harper's Bazaar. 

He was open about his homosexuality which was rare for the 1940s. His youthful good looks made him the centre of attention.
His first novel,' Other Voices, Other Rooms', (1948), centres on the homosexual awakenings of a young boy in a small town in the deep South.

He was also a successful journalist and wrote profiles and travel sketches, many of which first appeared in The New Yorker. His journalism was re-produced in 'Local Color', (1950), 'Selected Writings', (1963), 'The Dogs Bark', (1973), and 'Music for Chameleons', (1981). His 'The Muses Are Heard', (1956), was an account of a largely black company touring the Soviet Union with Porgy and Bess. ..more...

Detailed biographies of world famous gay men from the worlds of Art, Literature, Film/Tv, Sport, Politics and Music … broaden your knowledge .. Click here

THE GAY EVENTS GUIDE – June 2017 – Whats On and Where
Gay Profiles, Gay Photos

The Circa-Club Gay Events Calendar tells you What’s On and Where to Go each month !!! – A monthly guide to lesbian social, sporting, networking and business events in the UK. Whether you're wanting to expand your social/business horizons or looking for love there's something to keep you entertained all year round: Arts Theatre – Judy ! ... Ruby Wax: Frazzled @ Leicester Square Theatre … Switchboard - Gala Fundraiser of Outings at the Lyric Theatre … Tate Britain: Queer British Art 1861-1967 … Rotterdam @ Arts Theatre … Polari Literary Salon hosted by Paul Burston @ Southbank … V&A Museum Talks: Daniel Lismor Be Yourself in conversation with Fashion Royalty/Presenter, Hilary Alexander … National Portrait Gallery – Lecture with Simon Callow: Oscar Wilde: A Gay Man for All Seasons? … Hay Festival – Spies,Toffs and Queers … Somerset: An Evening With - Rev Richard Coles … Derby Book Festival – Scorn by Matthew Parris ... Derby Book Festival – Spymaster: Sir Maurice Oldfield by his nephew Martin Pearce … Derby Book Festival – Rev Richard Coles in Conversation … Gays The Word: Event Neil Bartlett reads from Ready To Catch Him Should He Fall … Kings Head – 5 Guys Chillin … Oxford Pride Festival … Hay Festival of Literature … Above the Stag – When Harry Met Barry … The Graham Norton Show - Audience Tickets ... Snapshot @ The Hope Theatre ... Arts Theatre – Judy ! ... National Portrait Gallery: Howard Hodgkin - Absent Friends … The Philanthropist @ Trafalgar Studios directed by Simon Callow ... Albert Kennedy Trust; Skydive We Dare You – Through Out The Year, Nationwide … National Portrait Gallery – Speak Its Name from ‘I am the Love that dare not speak its name’ ... Angels in America @ The National Theatre … Shakespeare Globe: Twelfth Night … Elton John Summer UK Tour: Behind The Piano … Sondheim: Smiles of a Summer Night at Cadogan Hall … La Cage Aux Folles – Woking … London Gay Men's Chorus: Agit Pop at Cadogan Hall … Blackpool Pride Festival … Coventry Pride … Canterbury Pride … York Pride … Gloucestershire Gay Pride … Out at Clapham: Whitney - Can I Be Me with Director Nick Broomfield Introduction ... Gays The Word: Book Event: Trans Like Me with CN Lester … THT Fundraising: Toughest 2017 … Dublin Pride ... Essex Pride … Pride in London: Pride Festival … Stonewall Education For All Conference 2017 … Gays The Word: Book Launch: Is Monogamy Dead? by Rosie Wilby … Bourne Free … National Portrait Gallery - Lunchtime Lecture: Coloured with Emotion: Shocking Pink, Hematite & Chrome Yellow … V & A Museum: Balenciaga – Shaping Fashion … Tate Britain Workshop: The Black Flamingo Open Studio … Tate Britain: From Then To Now Contemporary Artistic Perspectives On Making Queer Visible … Polari Salon hosted by Paul Burston @ Stoke Newington Literary Festival … Roof Top Cinema Club - Moonlight @ Kensington Roof Gardens … V&A Museum: Professional Development Course – Working With Contemporary Artists/Designers in Museums … Paul Burston; The Black Path @ Northwich Literary Festival … LGBT 's the Word – Creative Writing Group, London … Queer Asia Film Festival … National Portrait Gallery Walking Tour: Timberlina Bona Troll of Soho … Pride in Football – #CallitOut Manchester … Tate Britain: Queer And Now:Launching The Pride in London Festival … V&A Museum Lunchtime Lecture and much more

10,000’s of Circa-Club members and their friends/ business contacts view our guide and we are adding new gay events every day. For more details about the individual events either click on the event “Title” or on “More Info”. Enjoy!!! ...more..

Sensational Gay eCards Created For You and FREE to Send!

Whatever the occasion - Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Wish You Were Here, We are Having a Party, Happy Anniversary, I Miss You  ++++   - we've got all sorts - from the elegant and stylish to the flirty and fun - FREE to send, So go ahead, let someone special know you are thinking about them today !! .We've got all sorts - from the elegant and stylish to the flirty and fruity to the downright tacky 
So go ahead, let someone special know you are thinking about them today !!. Click here for a direct link. Simple as that!

What is the Circa-Club Business Directory?

Gay Horoscope by Russell Grant A stylish, easy to use, directory of gay owned or gay friendly businesses in the UK that are looking to provide their services/products to Circa-Club members, subscribers, visitors and contacts. Create your business profile today ! Click here to view a Sample Business Directory Profile

We have started off with 15 categories: Art/Photography, Business, Fashion, Food & Drink, Grooming, Health, Home & Garden, Jobs, Jewellry/Silver/Antiques, Leisure, Money Matters, Pets, Shopping, Travel and Other. Plenty of room for expansion as we grow !! ...more...


Job Search” is the UK’s first fully-comprehensive online gay-friendly JobSearch. It showcases over 15,999+ exciting job opportunities from over 261 recruitment agencies that have registered to date:

All Gay-friendly recruiters and employers are invited to have “A Month’s Free Trial” to post unlimited job adverts. All job adverts are posted within 24 hours and will be displayed for 2 months, or less if we receive notification that the vacancy is filled.

1st Page Search Results Listings for Google, Yahoo and the other major Search Engines for search terms inc: "gay friendly employment, "gay jobs" and " gay recruiters". For “A Month’s Free Trial” just click on this link,, and we will email you your access codes and then you can start posting your Jobs for FREE - TODAY !!!

Jobseekers can search using up to 7 search criteria including specific recruiter, industry sector, location, salary and keyword search or access our resource centre for more information on: gay business organisations & associations, career building tools, assessment quizzes and distance learning courses.

Our online “Job Search” facility has been created to help you find that perfect job!!! Good Luck.


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                              Member Profile Searches give top listing to Member 
                              Profiles that include a main photograph. Photographs 
                              that are 400x400 pixels or 64 kb can be accommodated. 
                              Should you wish to have a modesty flash across your 
                              face for privacy then please email your photograph 
                              with your Screen Name to <a href=It's accessible only by you and you can store any information you need access to:  friends screen names, contact telephone numbers, their birthdays, notes etc. and click through to their profiles.

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TRAVEL LOUNGE: Across the Hills and Over the Sea...
Gay Profiles, Gay PhotosPlanning your next trip? Once all important decision has been made, make our Travel Lounge your first stop! It contains lots of helpful information, including 5 day ahead international weather forecasts, world clock, a currency converter, phrase translator, a list of international holidays and festivals and much more. Looking for a new friend, or even a holiday romance at your destination? No need to wait until you arrive - get the holiday started early, and let Circa-Club members know where you plan to be and when! ...more...


Gay Horoscope by Russell GrantSee what Summer 2017 has in store for you!!! – Click here to read your Daily, Weekly and Monthly horoscopes on Circa-Club.

Russell's rise to fame has been meteoric. Dubbed “Astrologer Royal” by the media, he has syndicated his Stars column to 450+ newspapers world-wide and Russell's Stars have also become a huge hit across the Internet with Britons and Americans alike flocking to read his stars. His best-selling books include: Russell Grant's Sun Signs and Russell Grant's Dream Dictionary. Russell's latest book 'You Can Change Your Life' published by Random House is already scaling the Best Sellers List ...more...

Your Photograph Is 1,000 Words
Gay Profiles, Gay PhotosAll Member Profile Searches give top listing to Member Profiles that include a main photograph. Photographs 400x400 pixels or 64 kb can be uploaded. Should you wish to have a modesty flash across your face for privacy then please email your photograph with your Screen Name to photos@circa-club.com and we will do this for you.

Photographs will maximise your chances to connect with other members. Please note that Gallery Search is a search by main photograph only, so if you do not upload a photograph you will not be able to be included.

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