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Welcome to the Daily Circa... Sat 29 Apr, 2017 at 20:16

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Quote of The Day

"Euphemisims are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne" ... Quentin Crisp

Men Of The Month

Latest Gay News
Bullying in the tech industry is driving potential LGBT employees away

A study has found that bullying within the tech industry is driving away LGBT hopeful candidates.  ...more...

Trump said he thought being President would have been ‘easier’ than old life

President Donald Trump has revealed after his first 100 days in office tat he thought being the President would have been easier than his old life.  ...more...

Julia Roberts backs students fighting for LGBT rights under Trump

Julia Roberts has backed a Missouri students fight to protect LGBT youth within schools in the state.  ...more...

These teens got rid of a homophobic politician in just three hours

A group of teenage school kids have seen the resignation of an anti-gay politician within three hours of them starting a campaign against him.  ...more...

All these people are celebrating Ellen for being out for 20 years

Ellen is celebrating 20 years since she came out in a landmark decision to reveal her sexuality of not just her sitcom character, but herself on television.  ...more...

Latest UK News
Brexit: EU demands 'serious UK response' on citizens' rights

The top EU figure put rights centre stage as the EU-27 formally approve negotiating guidelines.  ...more...

General Election 2017: May urges Scots to 'strengthen Union'

The prime minister speaks at a rally during her first election campaign trip to Scotland.  ...more...

Head teachers vote to oppose grammar school expansion

The National Association of Head Teachers backed moves to reject a new wave of grammar schools.  ...more...

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Todays Horoscopes
You're a magnet for money. Developing a creative idea will yield impressive profits. You're especially good at conceiving products for the luxury market. When crafting a prototype, use the best quality materials. This will set your work apart from the crowd. Are you applying for a job? Create a handsome portfolio that invites people to linger over the pages. You have to spend money to make it. Dip into your savings to build a lifetime of financial stability.
This Day in History
1983: US troops invade Grenada

American forces seize control of the Caribbean island of Grenada less than a week after a left-wing coup in which the prime minister, Maurice Bishop, was killed.  ...more...

1964: President Kaunda takes power in Zambia

Zambia is the ninth African state to gain independence from the British crown.  ...more...

1984: Europe grants emergency aid for Ethiopia

The EEC is donating 1.8 million to help combat the famine in Ethiopia.  ...more...

1976: Queen opens National Theatre in London

The Queen has officially opened the National Theatre on the South Bank in London after years of delays.  ...more...

2001: Crime rates lowest for 20 years

British Crime Survey reveals the chances of being a victim of crime are lowest for 20 years.  ...more...

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