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Marilyn (Peter Robinson)
Life Span: Born 3rd November 1962, Kingston, Jamaica
Star Sign: Scorpio
Famous As: British pop singer and friend of Boy George

Work: Marilyn had a brief period of fame in the early 1980s as a cross-dressing gender bender and party sidekick of Boy George. He wore blonde hair and make-up to produce a look from which he had adopted his name.
Marilyn's biggest hit was Calling Your Name which was number four in the British charts in December 1983. The words of the song arose from one of his many arguments with Boy George. On 9th July 1986, he found himself in Marylebone Magistrates Court, along with Boy George's brother, Kevin O'Dowd, on a charge of possessing an unspecified amount of heroin.
With declining sales, his record company sent him to Detroit, Michigan, to work with Don Was of the group Was Not Was. However, when he arrived he found that no one had paid for a room for him to stay in. He had no money to live on and so he abandoned the image that had made him famous by cutting his hair and removing the make-up. Unfortunately his career did not take off. He made a come-back on 2nd September, 2001, at the Sound on Sunday club night in Leicester Square, London, with his first performance in 14 years.
He was prominent in the famous Live Aid concert in the 1980's.

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